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IN-PERSON PIANO LESSONS (Updated 06/15/2021)

Following California’s mask guidance, students are now exempt from wearing a mask during the lessons if they are fully vaccinated.

Maria Teresa Studio is still offering online piano lessons.


“Teaching means to use experience and expertise to help students develop and enrich their very own personalities and artistry”  –Leonid Sintsev – (URSS music competition winner, former piano pedagogue at Saint Petersburg Conservatory, founder of the Rubinstein Piano Foundation and my professor and mentor)

I’m a professional pianist with 10+ years experience in teaching lessons to kids, children and adults. I like to provide an enthusiastic, creative and enjoyable environment for all kinds of people. Young musicians who want to develop their talent and professionalism. Kids whose parents just want to introduce them to the music world and have fun while learning the instrument. And also adults who want to sit at the piano, be able to play a relaxing melody and keep their joy of music alive.

Maria Teresa’s Piano Studio is established in San Diego since 2018.

My methodology depends on your individuality. I believe that the approach to each student should be unique, as student’s interests are always taken into consideration. In general, my method is a carefully balanced combination of joyful music making and discipline required for playing the piano based on the traditional method of Russian piano pedagogy that taps all the important aspects of playing piano early on. I believe in providing my students with a strong musical foundation. Fundamentals such as posture, technique, and expression are of the most importance and should never be ignored. From the first lesson, my students and I work on developing good habits in these areas as well as learning self-sufficiency and independent thinking.

Another area I want my students to excel at is reading. The ability to read music quickly and effectively will help the student learn music on their own, furthering and maintaining their enjoyment and ability to play music even after lessons have stopped.

I think that performance is a skill that can carry over into other areas of life and it will also improve students’ confidence for years to come. That’s the reason why I like to offer my students a chance to perform at least two recitals a year.


Monthly payments (price per month)

Students are required to commit to at least one lesson per week (4-5 lessons per month).

-30min: $155/ month

-45min: $210/ month

-1h: $280 / month

Packages and discounts available! Please ask me.

*Packages available for families with 2 or more children taking piano lessons and/or students who want more than one lesson per week.

*Discounts available for Seniors (Age 60+).

*Free initial consultation/lesson for potential students



Maria Teresa Studio will remain closed the following dates:

-Thanksgiving break: 11/24/22- 11/27/22

-Winter break: 12/24/22- 01/01/23

-Spring break: 03/29/23 – 04/03/23

-Summer break: 07/01/23 – 08/01/23*

There are no make-up lessons for holidays.

*July payment is only required if you sign up for online lessons.

Recital Days:

-10/15/2022: Students Piano Recital at Greene Music Hall -10:30 am-

-03/11/2023: Advanced Piano Students Recital at Steinway Hall -11 am-

-06/17/2023: Students Piano Recital at Greene Music Hall -10:30 am-


  • Tuition shall be paid one month in advance on the 1st of each month.
  • Students are required to commit to at least one lesson per week (4-5 lessons per month)
  • One makeup lesson is allowed during each session for excused absence only -illness and extreme emergency- when available in the schedule. (Sessions are January -March, April-June, and August – December). Makeup lessons do not roll over to the next session. All other reasons for canceling are considered unexcused absences, and the lesson will be forfeited with no makeup if you miss for other reasons. Fees will not be adjusted for missed lessons.
  • If the teacher is sick or has a conflict with a scheduled lesson, you will be offered appropriate options to make up for the missed lesson or you would get a refund if that’s not possible.
  • Please do not bring sick children to the studio. If your child is too sick to attend school, your child is too sick for a piano lesson. Out of respect for your teacher and the other families who take piano lessons.
  • Students are requested to have their own method books and other supplements, which can be supplied by the teacher and paid for by the student. (Method books and piano pieces will be assigned on an individual basis.)
  • Student’s participation in concerts, recitals, competitions and other events is strongly encouraged but not required. There is a $30 off-premises performance fee for each student.
  • For children under 10 years old, parents are required to be present on the premises at all times.
  • Lessons are available in English and Spanish.
  • Lessons are held at the Studio located in UTC area (92122). No in-home lessons offered.



Noah M.
36d ago

She understood my weaknesses as a musician and was able to teach in such a way so the focus was on strengthening those weaknesses. She also kept the repertoire fun and fresh and was understanding and flexible when it came to scheduling. I really enjoyed her as a teacher!

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